Confidence comes from knowing that you’re doing everything you can to be at the top of your game.  In this article, we’re looking at three ways that you can identify what you need to learn, practice the things that you need to know and prepare yourself to prosper.

01 | Pinpoint to Progress

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Everything thing that you’ve learned up until this point in your career has done a good job of getting you to this point, but that’s as far as it can take you.

If you want to go further, sell more, do more and make more; then you need to learn more.  It’s that simple.

There are so many points on the way to becoming a high-performance salesperson, that you need to take some time, put your ego aside and really consider what you’re not good at, what you’re not doing and what you don’t know.

Once you know where you need to improve, you can start tackling the changes.

If you need to learn more, find resources to help you.  If you’ve stopped doing something over time that you used to do, pick it back up again.  If you are genuinely not good at something, but you know that it’s important – outsource it.

The bottom line is, until you identify what you do not know, you can not grow.

02 | Practice Makes Progress

You should practice what you’re good at so that you can get even better at it, or at a minimum you can maintain it.  Practice makes progress.

In our industry there are so many people who think that they don’t need to practice.

They will tell you that they’re happy with the number of sales they’re making, or that they already know how to do it all.

The truth is, that the moment that you think you know everything, is the moment that you know the absolute least.

There is always something more to learn.

Our industry is constantly changing.  Our society is constantly changing.  Everything is constantly changing, and that means that there is always a new idea, a new way of doing something, or a new technique to help you grow.

It doesn’t matter if you sell 4 cars a month or 400, you need to constantly be upgrading your skills and working to learn more.

Whatever you do, make sure that you set aside time to practice each and every single day. Practice the things that you’re trying to learn.  Practice the basics that you might have forgotten.  Practice the things that you know and are already doing, so they don’t get forgotten along the way.

Practice makes progress, so do it every day.

03 | Prepare to Prosper

What you do outside of the selling day has so much more to do with your success than what you do during it.

Most people don’t schedule their entire day.  They might have a vague list written out, or a general idea of what they need to get done, but they don’t schedule it out.

That’s where they’re going wrong.

We work in a reactionary business.  Things happen to us all day, every day.  We have no way of controlling any of that stuff, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create and keep a schedule for yourself.

Preparation is the key to prosperity.

Schedule everything.  Schedule your actions and tasks.  Schedule your follow-up, your calls, your social media time.  You should even schedule your sleep.

Yes, your sleep.

It might sound juvenile to you, but scheduling your sleep is how you make sure that you get enough rest so you can perform at your best possible level, and also make sure that you get into work with enough time that you can prepare yourself before the day starts.

Schedule every moment and every action that you can, because if you’re not as prepared as you can possibly be, you’re not going to thrive.